Grand Falls Casino Fined $20,000 For Allowing Underage To Gamble

Grand Falls Casino Fined $20,000 For Allowing Underage To Gamble

Grand Falls Casino in Iowa has been fined $20,000 for allowing an underage young lady to gamble at the venue. The juvenile lost money gambling at the casino. The Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission imposed the fine after finding out the allegations to be true.

The underage visited the venue with her adult friends, and the casino failed to check her Id. The minimum age for gambling in Iowa is 21. However, after leaving the venue, the group returned a few hours later, and it was this time that the underage’s identity was verified and she wasn’t allowed to enter.

However, she informed the authorities that she had been allowed earlier and that she also gambled at the venue.

While Iowa has 22 casinos of which three belong to tribes. The Grand Falls Iowa casino is located in proximity with Sioux Falls, S.D and the venue also has a golf course along with a 100-room resort.

The casino hosts 23 gaming tables and 900 slot machines. It’s amongst the most popular Iowa casinos in the region.

While Iowa is eyeing at gambling expansion and is looking forward to legalizing sports betting the state gambling regulator is also strict with any violation of gambling regulations.

Two weeks ago, the Iowa Senate voted 31-18 in favor of the bill legalizing sports betting. However, betting on college tournaments and minor leagues are not included in the current proposal.

With neighboring states legalizing sports betting, lawmakers in Iowa have said that they shouldn’t be left behind and that illegal sports betting is already taking place.

Supporting the sports betting measure Iowa Senator Roby Smith, R-Davenport had said that “Sports wagering will no longer be acceptable in the dark. The sun is shining, and Iowans will be able to participate legally and responsibly.”

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