Spanish Broadcaster Bans Gambling Adverts

Spanish Broadcaster Bans Gambling Adverts

Euskal Irrati Telebista (EITB), a public broadcaster in Basque Country, Spain, has announced that they will not host any gambling related adverts on all their broadcasting channels including Television, Radio, and other digital channels.

In a statement to the press, the broadcaster has emphasized on its responsibility to promote safe gambling and has said that they are committed to checking the rising issues of problem gambling in the region.

The broadcaster said that it is a move to protect the customers who have been suffering from compulsive gambling issues. They have said that only the adverts related to the country’s ONCE lottery will be allowed and all other gambling adverts will be banned.

While gambling regulators across Europe are coming up with strict measures against gambling adverts, ETIB is not the first Spanish broadcaster to ban gambling ads. Earlier this year, following strict instructions from the Madrid Assembly, Radio-Television Madrid (TeleMadrid) had to remove all gambling related content across its platforms.

Many others are feeling the need to tackle the indiscriminate promotion of gambling through advertising in Europe. The UK gambling commission has recently taken strict actions and has announced its new national strategy on gambling.

In Italy, the government is already coming up with new and revised code for restricting gambling adverts and ensuring minimum exposure of locals and children to gambling related content.

Likewise in Sweden, the gambling regulator has brought in strict rules against all forms of gambling advertisements.

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