UK Gambling Commission Releases New Framework To Assess Impact Of Gambling On Minors

UK Gambling Commission Releases New Framework To Assess Impact Of Gambling On Minors

A week after the UK gambling commission (UKGC) released its national strategy on gambling, the gambling regulator has announced a new framework to analyze and assess the impact of gambling on minors including children.

The new framework forms a part of the commission’s recently announced national strategy. It has been developed by a joint effort of Ipsos MORI, a Uk market research company and the UKGC’s Advisory Board for Safer Gambling and GambleAware.

The new framework is designed to assess and analyze how gambling impacts younger population. It aims at studying the negative impacts of gambling on the health and finances of those in the age group 11 to 17 in particular.

Previous studies have shown that gambling addiction among children is at an all-time high in the UK. A recent study found that at least one in seven between 11 to 17 years in the UK gets involved with gambling regularly. The study also finds that over 55,000 children are at risk.

Releasing the national strategy last week the gambling regulator had said that they are shifting their focus on the way they look at gambling. The UKGC made it clear that according to their revised policies they are looking at gambling as a potential disease.

Helen Rhodes, UKGC programme director for safer gambling said that, “Gaining a better understanding of the impact of gambling on children and young people is a key priority for the Commission. Childhood and adolescence is a key stage of development and any harms experienced at this stage in life can be detrimental to the future development, confidence, and potential of young people.”

“This newly released framework will provide critical insight into the range of harms that young people in Britain can experience and will help greatly in concentrating the National Strategy’s prevention and education initiatives where they will have the most impact,” she added.

Margaret Blake, a researcher at Ipsos Mori, said, “This framework has been developed with professionals, young people and experts in gambling in a series of workshops, interviews and focus groups.The initial questions cover just some of the harms in the framework and are intended to explore the entire range of harms that can be experienced from gambling, even where it would not be classified as problem gambling.”

“This work is just a starting point, and we anticipate that the framework and measures will develop in the future.”

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