Gambler Murdered Over Unpaid Gambling Debts In Macau

Gambler Murdered Over Unpaid Gambling Debts In Macau

A casino player was found beaten to death at a guest house in Macau. The investigators have confirmed that it all happened over unpaid gambling debts and the perpetrators were loan sharks.

The victim, aged 40, was confined in a guest house by three loan sharks after he had allegedly failed to pay off his gambling debts. The victim had borrowed HKD50,000 ($6,373) from the lenders but had lost all at the gambling venue – following which he was taken into custody for nearly two days and was beaten to death.

The Macau police have arrested three people in connection with the murder. According to the Macau Daily Times, the crime was reported by one of the gangs who was allegedly overwhelmed with guilt. The Public Security Police Force found and arrested the group near a hotel in the Outer Harbor area. The suspects come from mainland China and are aged between 29 and 34.

Macau judiciary police service, spokesman, Leng Kam Lon, said: “His three creditors have, several times, used their belts and slippers to beat him in order to force him to repay the debt. They did a video shooting of their beating process using their cell phones, and sent the video clip to the victim’s family hurrying them to repay the debt.”

He also confirmed that the victim was gagged so that he would not be able to call for help.

It is not the first instance of killing by loan sharks over unpaid debt in the region. Loan Sharks have also been very active in Philippine. Earlier in March this year, the Philippines’ opposition leader, Senator Leila De Lima, had called upon the Duterte administration to sharpen the execution of its policies and programs in regards to kidnappings related to gambling.

She had also mentioned that the Movement for Restoration of Peace and Order (MRPO) had been concerned with the increase in the number of abductions related to high-stakes gambling in the country.

The MRPO had already registered eight cases of gambling and casino related kidnappings in the first three months in Macau.

In Macau, most of these kidnappings are carried out by the powerful and influential loan-sharks. In 2018 alone 23 such crimes were reported.

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