International Online Gambling Ring Busted In China

International Online Gambling Ring Busted In China

Seven people have been arrested from China’s Anhui province in connection with running an illegal online gambling ring. It is reported that the gambling ring had already made the illegal business worth 2.1 billion yuan (approx. $312 million).

Gambling is illegal in mainland China. Macau is the only Chinese territory where gambling is legally allowed. It is also considered to be the global gambling hub.

The investigations which led the police to crack down on the gambling ring started back in July 2018 when a local from Susong district in China approached the police and said that he had lost around 700,000 yuan on a sports betting website.

Following the complaint, the local police initiated investigations which led them to busting illegal gambling operations based out of Fengjie county of Chongqing municipality in Southwest China.

In the raids that followed, two were arrested on charges of facilitating illegal online gambling. Also, in subsequent raids, the police arrested another five from different places.

According to the investigators, the illegal gambling site was based out of the Philippines. On average the site would generate about 10 million yuan daily. Also, it is estimated that the site has over 10,000 new listed members since 2016.

While two arrested have already been sent to the prison for three years, the other five are yet to be sentenced.

Chinese police have been very vigilant and strict against any illegal gambling operations in the country. Earlier video footage surfaced in which the Chinese police went innovative and tracked an unlawful gambling den through drones. Over 13 out of 35 suspects were identified through the use of drones.

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