How A Kentucky Derby Gambler Made $78,000 Betting Only $8

How A Kentucky Derby Gambler Made $78,000 Betting Only $8

Though it may sound atrociously weird how a wager of $8 on horse racing could get $78,000, the disqualification of Maximum Security at the Kentucky Derby last week did make it happen for an unknown gambler. Betting a total of $8 the gambler took home $78,000.

The gambler had not one but two identical $4 superfectas carrying a winning of $51,400 each, and after Maximum Security was disqualified and Country House stepped up to be the winner, his tickets fetched him $39,065 each after tax deductions.

To win a superfecta, the gambler had to select four top finishers. The selected finishers also had to be in the exact same order for the ticket to materialize.

In what could be termed as a miraculous turn of events, Maximum Security that finished first in the the premium horse racing event was disqualified, and Country House was declared the winner. Maximum security was pushed to 17th position out of 19 participants.

It was just the second win for Country House in its career. The decision to disqualify the horse finishing first is also unprecedented in the 145-year history of the race.

In a statement to the local press, talking about the lucky winner, the shift manager at the Race & Sports Book at The Mirage, said: “He must’ve been a saint in a previous life running into buildings to get babies or something for everything to happen for him to cash those tickets.”

“I don’t know if anyone else in the country bet $4 to win that super. To do it basically straight and have a horse come down so he can win, that was a miracle,” he added.

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