Kentucky Horse Racing Commission Rejects Maximum Security’s Appeal Against Disqualification

Kentucky Horse Racing Commission Rejects Maximum Security’s Appeal Against Disqualification

Hot off the press – Maximum Security’s appeal against disqualification at Kentucky Derby is rejected.

In an unprecedented move, racing stewards had disqualified Maximum Security and pushed the contender at 17th place in the Kentucky Derby horse racing on Saturday last week.

Following the disqualification Maximum Security owners, Gary and Mary West filed an appeal through their attorney D Barry Stilz.

However, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission denied the appeal and said that the decision already made by racing stewards is final and cannot be challenged.

Earlier on Saturday, Maximum Security finished first, but after over 20 minutes it was disqualified for obstructing the path of other participant horses in the race.

Two jockeys registered their complaints against Maximum security, following which, the racing stewards took the unprecedented decision.

It is for the first time in the 145 year history of the race that the first finisher is disqualified for obstructing and interfering in the path of other contenders.

The decision also changed the sports betting winnings across sportsbooks. With the revised results a gambler managed to win $78,000 after tax deductions by betting just $8.

Country House, which finished second was declared the winner.

In a letter to D Barry Stilz, the attorney representing, Maximum Security, the Kentucky Horse Racing Commission explicitly said that “The stewards unanimously disqualified Maximum Security following two objections lodged immediately after the 145th running of the Kentucky Derby and after a thorough review of the race replay.”

That commission made it clear that the decision cannot be changed under any circumstances. In their appeal, the owners had contested that though they saw moves impeding other contenders, it was inevitable because of the number of horses in the race.

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