Macau Government Plans To Increase Penalties For Hiring Illegal Foreign Workers

Macau Government Plans To Increase Penalties For Hiring Illegal Foreign Workers

While Macau has already been battling with increased tourism which brings a lot more visitors than the global gambling hub can support, the government is also facing challenges to restrict illegal foreign workers who make it difficult for the locals to find jobs.

On Tuesday, during an ongoing session of the Macau legislative assembly, the Secretary for Economy and Finance Lionel Leong Vai Tac made it clear that their government is all up for increasing the fine and sanctions on business organizations and gambling operators in Macau hiring foreign workers. The revised punitive measure will be intended to deter companies from resorting to illegal foreign labor.

According to the current provisions, a company hiring illegal foreign worker can be fined between MOP10,000 and MOP20,000 for each worker hired. Also, a company indulging in such corrupt practices may see a complete sanction on hiring any foreign worker – legal or illegal – for six months to two years.

However, with today’s statement coming from the Secretary for Economy and Finance, it is likely that both the penalty and duration of the sanctions could be increased.

Secretary for Economy and Finance was responding to a proposal by legislator Ella Lei Cheng I which called for increased sanctions on companies hiring illegal foreign workers in Macau.

Earlier a driver from mainland China, working illegally for junket operator Seng Keng Group, ran over a local 22-year old student. This incident triggered the debate of imposing increased penalties and taking stringent measures to keep companies from hiring illegal foreign workers.

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