ASA Warns Paddy Power And William Hill Against Irresponsible Adverts

ASA Warns Paddy Power And William Hill Against Irresponsible Adverts

UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has warned gambling operators Paddy Power and William Hill as the authority found their gambling adverts socially irresponsible.

The backlash against Paddy Power has come after the ASA received complaints against a TV ad. In the advert, popular football player Ryan Giggs’ brother, Rhodry Giggs, was seen as talking about the rewards on offer put up by the gambling operator. He was also promoting Paddy Power’s Rewards Club Ambassador program.

The complaint alleged that the particular gambling Ad normalized gambling and that it also promoted a sense that gambling is glamorous.

The company contested that the Ad did not try to normalize gambling. It nothing in the ad mentioned gambling and that it just mentioned that Rhodry Giggs received a car for being a brand ambassador for Paddy Power.

ASA had launched an investigation into the complaints and concluded that the Ad did violate the code of conduct and gambling adverts regulations. The advertising watchdog has warned the company that this Ad should not appear again.

ASA also slammed Tottenham Hotspur football club and William Hill. The football club had tweeted an ad promoting odds offered by the bookmaker. The ASA launched an investigation and found both the parties breaching the code of conduct.

The advertising authority has warned them to pull out the ad and has said that no player under the age of twenty-five should feature in any gambling related advert.

UKGC has been strict on gambling related Ads and had earlier also banned gambling ads on websites which are more likely to be frequented by adults and children.

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