Gambling Advert Banned For Being “Appealing To Children”

Gambling Advert Banned For Being “Appealing To Children”Gambling Advert Banned For Being “Appealing To Children”

Cracking down on gambling adverts that do comply with the advertising standards, the UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has banned an advertisement run by the Mr. Monopoly Online Casino after it found them the ad to be appealing to children.

The UK has been strict with gambling adverts recently, and the UK’s gambling commission (UKGC) has said that they are committed to tackling the rising issue of problem gambling.

Earlier this year, a study found that gambling addiction amongst the children is at an all-time high in the UK. It was also reported that around 55,000 children are at risk of gambling addiction and one out of seven between the age group 11-17 regularly participate in gambling activities.

After receiving complaints, the ASA board launched an investigation and found that the Mr. Monopoly Online Casino Ad did encourage children to participate in gambling. The ASA said that they had discovered the Ad to capture a child’s attention more than that of an adult and it is a clear violation of the gambling adverts guidelines.

The authority warned the company and have asked them to pull the advert from all channels.

Recently as a part of their new three-year-strategy on gambling, the UKGC has also released a framework to curb underage betting. In regards to gambling adverts, gambling operators in the UK are also proposing measures to limit exposure of children and teenagers to gambling Ads.

Last week, Chief of one of the UK’s biggest gambling operator, GVC Holdings, sought for a blanket ban on all gambling ads during televised sports events. He also proposed to end jersey sponsorships for football players.

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