No More PUBG In China – Is It China’s Extended Ban On Video Games In Garb Of Restricting Online Gambling?

No More PUBG In China - Is It China’s Extended Ban On Video Games In Garb Of Restricting Online Gambling?

In a surprising turn of events, famous Chinese Tech company, Tencent announced that they would no longer be offering PUBG (Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds ), one of the most popular mobile games in the country.

Yesterday, cryptocurrency payments on the social media and payment platform WeChat (also developed by Tencent) was banned. The compnay warned against online gambling and selling pornography as they updated their policy which would come into effect from 31 May.

The decision comes after the company was denied necessary permissions to monetize the game. Earlier, towards the end of April, the Chinese government had tactically imposed a ban on the sale of poker video games in the country, citing that they promote gambling.

It was made clear that no licenses will be issued to the content creators and developers of poker and mahjong video games.

The move to deny a monetization license to PUBG is also being explored as China’s tactical policy to curb gambling related video games; however, many believe it is because of the violence involved in the game.

Now the company has replaced PUBG with more pleasing to China’s authoritarian government – “Heping Jingying,” an anti-terrorist-themed game.

PUBG has over 70 million subscribers in China, and by monetizing the game, Tencent was looking forward to generating $1.5 billion through in-app purchases.

Globally PUBG has a user base of 227 million, and it is amongst the most popular games on the market currently. While the voices concerning the violent nature of the game have been raised earlier but there is yet an official statement to be released – which is unlikely – as to why PUBG wasn’t granted a license to monetize the game.

The new game that replaces PUBG in China is reported to be a “tribute to warriors who defend the territorial air space of China.”

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