Royal Baby Betting: Revealing Royal Baby’s Name

Royal Baby Betting: Revealing Royal Baby’s Name

On Monday, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle had their first baby. While the UK gambling industry was betting on almost every aspect of the royal baby’s birth including the name, date of birth, gender amongst the most popular odds, now the baby’s name is what the betting industry is desperately revealing.

The favorites have changed overnight, and new favorites in the royal baby betting saga are emerging. It is not clear as to when exactly the next brief about the royal baby would arrive – but on Monday, Prince Harry, in his statement to the press, had said that there would be further information about the baby in about two days.

Yes, if you’re expecting the baby’s name to be revealed today, you’re not alone.

Also, earlier today, it was announced that the royal baby would have his first photocall later during the day – the chances are that the baby’s name is revealed today.

Meanwhile, for punters and bookmakers, the odds are continually shifting.

While it’s always the discretion of the family when it comes to naming a royal baby, one could expect it to be guided by tradition.

The current favorite is Alexander replacing Arthur (5/1). A number of bets have also been placed on Spencer as many are guessing that the newborn could be named in honor of Prince Harry’s mother – Diana Spencer.
Phillip at 9/1, Albert at 10/1 and Gregory at 11/1 are also amongst popular choices.

Edward, Oliver and Charles, all at 12/1 are also in the race.

Talking to, Betfair spokeswoman Katie Baylis said: “A day after the birth of the new Royal baby, and it’s Alexander into outright favoritism for the name at 7/2, with James at 4/1 after being a joint favorite with Alexander for most of the day yesterday.”

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