Study Confirms Similarities Between Loot Boxes And Gambling

Study Confirms Similarities Between Loot Boxes And Gambling

A University of British Columbia study has confirmed that there is a clear link between gambling and loot boxes. The study finds that those who regularly participate in loot boxes are also more likely to downplay gambling addiction and consider it to be normal behavior.

The study involved two groups. The first one included 144 online gamers from across the US and the second group had 113 undergraduate students. The two groups were then handed over a questionnaire which included seeking their idea about Loot Boxes.

After receiving the inputs, the answers were compared to the basic criteria set to recognize problem gambling. The results from the comparison proved that the majority of the participants believed that loot boxes are a type of gambling.

The fact that a majority from both the groups said that they had used loot boxes knowing that they are sort of gambling. The participants (49.3 percent from the first group and 60.3 percent from the second) also said that they would spend real money on those activities as well.

Despite the answer, the student group was found to have a “lower risk percentage” for problem gambling. The study also found that the average monthly spend on loot boxes was around $17.50 and about 10% of participants spending over $50.

Analyzing multiple factors associated with loot boxes and gambling the study confirmed that they are linked and both have similar traits. However, the researchers have also indicated that further research is required to establish the cause and effect relationship with more clarity.

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