Amidst Slumping Gaming Revenues, It Was Truly A Busy April At Macau Airport

Amidst Slumping Gaming Revenues, It Was Truly A Busy April At Macau Airport

Macau has been battling with problems that excessive tourism brings onto the global gambling hub; however, in April it was also struggling with gaming revenues.

According to the figures released by the Macau International Airport (MIA), over 800,000 passengers flew in an out of Macau in April. The traffic has broken all records as the airport recorded the highest number of passengers since it started.

In April, the dip in gaming revenue growth was recorded the highest in the past three years. But there was also a record tourist footfall, and now the MIA report confirms that it was indeed a busy month in Macau.

While analysts have linked dipping revenues to a slowdown in the Chinese economy, the high tourism and low gaming revenues only fuel the demand for limiting tourism in Macau.

Those seeking a ban or limit on tourists entering Macau have been strictly opposing excessive visitors from mainland China. The tourists from mainland China form a significant part of the increased number of Tourists.

MIA has said that the traffic increased by 19 percent year-on-year, and there were 6,400 landings and takeoffs in the previous month – highest in Macau’s history.

Earlier in March as well the number of tourists visiting Macau had increased a significant 24 percent year-on-year.

From what it seems is there is no short-term solution to Macau’s increased tourism and slipping gaming revenues. Lawmakers like Sulu Sou have proposed an outright ban on tourist visiting Macau. Though he did not get much traction from other lawmakers, his proposal did bring the undercurrent into the mainstream.

Proposal to introduce a tourism tax has also been presented and discussed by the Macau Legislative Assembly.

However, any long-term solution to exponentially growing tourism which puts immense pressure on the inadequate infrastructure to support so many is yet to be found.

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