Did Donald Trump Just Shatter Genting’s Hopes With His Tweet?

Did Donald Trump Just Shatter Genting’s Hopes With His Tweet?

I doubt it’s a misappropriated observation, but president Trump is famous world over (also) for his tweets and his affair with Twitter.

One Wednesday morning tweet from POTUS flushed investment and gambling giant Genting Group’s hopes down the drain – or did it?

Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren had been campaigning for a Massachusetts tribal casino. Her motivation for the same seems to be vague; Senator Warren has previously been on record opposing gambling expansion in the state.

While reports suggest that Malaysian investment giant Genting has already poured $400 million and has proposed a $1 billion luxury “First Light Resort and Casino,” those doubting Warren’s commitment to the cause of a tribal casino are not smelling smoke without fire.

House Bill H.R. 312, sponsored by Senator Elizabeth Warren, which calls for allowing the Interior Department to acquire 321 acres in trust on behalf of Mashpee tribe for a Casino, was scheduled for voting on Wednesday.

But then this happened.

Donald Trump Tweet

Urging Republicans to vote against the bill president Trump tweeted “Republicans shouldn’t vote for H.R. 312, a special interest casino bill, backed by Elizabeth (Pocahontas) Warren. It’s unfair and doesn’t treat Native Americans equally!”

Following the tweet, Democrats pulled the bill from voting.

Background To House Bill H.R. 312

The problem which led to Senator Warren sponsoring the bill began in 2016 when a federal court denied the land acquisition for a tribal casino citing the U.S. Supreme Court ruling which makes it clear that only tribes recognized before the 1934 Indian Reorganization Act may have land taken into trust on their behalf. The Mashpee Tribe did not have that recognition until 2007.

As such, those opposed to the bill hold that no tribe should be given special preference. Also, the bill is being seen as a bailout for the Genting Group.

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