Caesars To Develop A Casino Innovation Hub In Partnership With The University Of Las Vegas

Caesars To Develop A Casino Innovation Hub In Partnership With With The University Of Las Vegas

The new evolving technologies have immense potentials and can significantly contribute to the casino and gaming sector. To advance innovation and research, casino and gambling giant Caesars Entertainment has partnered with the University of Las Vegas to develop a casino innovation hub on the university’s southwest campus.

The casino innovation hub, Black Fire Innovation Casino will be a part of the university’s Harry Reid Research and Technology Park, and the mock casino will be spread across 43,000 feet of built-up area and feature a virtual reality space, esports arena, a sportsbook and also a few mock hotel rooms.

The purpose of the facility will be to facilitate the study of innovative measures which could be adopted in the casino industry. It will see the test and trial run of innovative technology in a dedicated setup. The idea is to create futuristic casinos and research new technologies which can redefine the current gaming experience across the industry.

With a full-blown casino, space will provide students with an opportunity to understand the infrastructure and also focus their research to create tailored solutions.

UNLV president, Marta Meana said that she is excited about the new partnership with Caesars and that they are planning to create a casino innovation hub and stand out as a leading center for research and innovation related to casino and gaming.

She also said that with the new partnership, students would benefit by having an opportunity to test their ideas and learn by interacting with industry experts.

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