Philippine President Duterte Says No Meddling With Gambling

Philippine President Duterte Says No Meddling With Gambling

The Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, known for taking strong stands and also famous for launching a campaign against Drug mafias in the country has said that he would not be meddling with gambling anymore.

Taking charge of the office, president Duterte had launched a war on gambling as well; however as the midterm elections are in full swing in the Philippines, he has changed his mind about continuing the war on gambling.

In a recent meeting, he said that he would not be “meddling with gambling” as it is something that he cannot control.

Duterte was sworn in as the president in 2016, and he has been committed to wiping all vices which also included gambling. As such he started by banning online gambling altogether, but then relaxed the laws a little to allow online gambling at designated locations.
Also, he allowed for offshore online gambling through Philippine Offshore Gambling Operator (POGO) licensing program. The offshore gambling licensed venues are only open for foreign visitors.

Softening his stand on gambling, the president, said that he would leave it on the countrymen to decide what should be done with gambling.

President Duterte has been restricting gambling operations. In one such incident, he halted the development of a $550-million integrated resort in the Island of Boracay. He did not allow the hong kong based operator Galaxy Entertainment Group, to begin the construction of the project and said that he is committed to stopping gambling coming to the Island.

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