Police Crack Down On Illegal Gambling Operations In Pomona, 30 Detained

Police Crack Down On Illegal Gambling Operations In Pomona, 30 Detained

Cracking down on illegal gambling operations, Pomona Police Department conducted a raid on an illegal gambling joint in Pomona, in Los Angeles, California.

The area is reported to have been significantly affected by gang-related crimes. The police had prior information about the illegal gambling activity, and as such, they had also secured a warrant to search the premises located 3169 North, Garey Avenue, Pomona, CA.

As the police raided the property they found illegal gambling in progress and at least 30 people present at the venue and participating in the unlawful gambling activity were arrested.

From the reports, it is clear that casino and related gambling activity was ongoing even at the time of the raid. However, it is still unclear as to what games were in progress and other details about the operators. The property was hosting unlicensed gambling activities and therefore, illegal.

Along with gambling equipment, police also seized cash amounting to $5,000 from the property. As Pomona is infamous for gangs frequenting makeshift casinos and illegal gambling dens, chances of gamblers held being members of gangs is not ruled out.

While the investigation is continuing, charges against the suspects are yet to be framed. The operation comes as a part of Pomona Police to curb illegal gambling in the area; it is not the first time such illicit ring gambling has been busted. However, what makes this raid significant is that over 30 suspects have been arrested from one venue and that gambling was also ongoing at the time of the raid.

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