Casino Fined For Serving Excess Drinks To A Patron

Casino Fined For Serving Excessive Drinks To A Patron

SugarHouse Casino in Fishtown has been fined $17,500 for serving 17 drinks to a gambler. The casino served 17 alcoholic beverages – all complimentary – to a visitor in September last year.

While the patron was arrested from creating a disturbance, following an investigation into the matter, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, has also slapped a $17,500 fine on the casino.

The fine comes as it was found that the casino did violate the consent agreement with the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board. The gambler was served excessive alcohol while he was already playing. According to the reports, the patron was playing Pai Gow Tiles. It is a table game with Chinese tiles and is quite similar to blackjack.

β€œIt was not until he could no longer uphold his head while playing on the Pai Gow Tiles game that a table games supervisor stopped him from receiving any more alcoholic drinks and summoned security,” the officials said.

The gambling regulator also charged the casino for not ensuring consumer protection and has warned them to maintain discipline in serving alcohol. Earlier in April, the Pennsylvania Gaming Control board fined Sands Casino Resort in Bethlehem for $235,000.

The penalty summed up for 11 violations that the gambling regulator identified last year. It also included allowing underaged players to place wagers, serving alcohol and unauthorized awarding of over $1 million for slot play between 2015 and 2016.

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