High Court In Kenya Suspends Ban On Gambling Adverts

High Court In Kenya Suspends Ban On Gambling Adverts

A High Court in Kenya has temporarily suspended a ban on gambling adverts in the country. The betting control and licensing board had earlier banned different forms of gambling.

Earlier at the beginning of the month, Liti Wambua, Director of the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB), had said that all adverts that promote betting or gambling operations including lottery games would not be allowed to be advertised beyond the premises from where such operations are taking place.

The gambling advertising ban also included a ban on gambling adverts on all social media platforms. Also, according to the new regulations, any gambling advert that would be aired on television or radio would have to be first approved by the gambling regulator. Moreover, all gambling adverts should have a warning explicitly mentioning the negative impacts of indulging in such activities.

Justice James Makau on Monday on Monday lifted the ban on gambling adverts as directed by the gambling authority.

The new regulations citing gambling advert ban was to be implemented from May 30.

The decision came after a celebrity musician took the gambling authority to court as the new regulations also prohibited celebrities from endorsing gambling products or services. As such, no stars were to be allowed to appear in gambling adverts or associated with gambling or online casino companies.

The celebrity Musician, Murigi Wanjohi, contested that it is his livelihood and if the ban is imposed it would be unconstitutional to debar him from his livelihood.

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