Kenya Deports 17 Executives Working In The Gambling Industry

Kenya Deports 17 Executives Working In The Gambling Industry

Kenya Government had announced earlier that it would take strict action against foreigners working illegally in the country and now it has deported 17 executive working illegally in the gambling sector.

The country’s Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang’i affirmed a deportation order for 17 overseas workers on Tuesday. The workers are reported to have been working illegally with local gambling operators. Those deported are also reported to have been working in the gambling and betting industry.

According to the local news outlets those deported had their work permits expired or they did not have the required permits to work in the casino and gambling sector. It is also reported that the overseas workers had not been paying their local taxes.

The cabinet secretary had earlier announced that the government is committed to get rid of the illegally working overseas personnel in the country’s gambling and betting industry.

Those deported were Chinese, Turkish, and Spanish nationals. The cabinet secretary also alleged that foreign nationals hold over 90 percent of the executive positions in the country’s gambling and the betting sector. He had raised concerns that the majority of tax revenues goes abroad while the country has to deal with the increasing cases of gambling addiction.

Earlier this week, a High Court in Kenya temporarily suspended a ban on gambling adverts in the country. The betting control and licensing board had banned different forms of gambling adverts across all channels.

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