Congress MLA Alleges Goa BJP Received Funds From Casino And Gambling Operator, Calls EC To Investigate $880 Million Tax Evasion

Congress MLA Alleges Goa BJP Received Funds From Casino And Gambling Operator, Calls EC To Investigate $880 Million Tax Evasion

Aleixo Reginaldo, Congress’ MLA from Curtorim,Goa, has alleged that the BJP received funds from gambling and casino operator, Delta Corp.,urging the Election Commission to launch an investigation into what he believes is a part of INR 6,189 crore (USD 880 million) tax evasion. The legislator claimed that the BJP was paid off by the Delta Corp.for not sending a GST evasion notice. Delta Corp. operates three offshore and one onshore casino in the state.

Demanding a thorough investigation, Reginaldo explained: “EC is requested to check the electoral bonds bought by Delta Corp and its associates. Also through other routes, donations by Delta Corp to BJP be also enquired into. It is alleged that it showed the services that attract higher rate GST services as services where GST rate is low.”

Tax Evasion

“Jaidev Mody, the owner of Delta Corp, is close to central BJP leaders. His father-in-law Soli Sorabji was BJP’s, Attorney General. Such a close ally of BJP cheating the country is a big patch on Narendra Modi government,” he asserted.

With the 2019 general elections coming to an end after a month-long seven phases of nationwide polling, the exit polls and poll predictions are already grabbing the eyeballs of not only the Indian citizens but also of political analysts and geopolitics enthusiasts and experts from across the globe. Incumbent Prime Minister Modi is battling for a second term; the results will be declared on May 23.

Meanwhile in Goa, which also had a by-election in the state capital, Panjim, the issue of offshore casinos was in the agenda of all contesting parties including the BJP, the Congress, and the Aam Aadmi Party – all promising to ban the floating casinos off the coast of the Mandovi river.

Earlier last week, GOA state unit BJP President Vinay Tendulkar had urged the coalition government to shut all offshore casinos once their licenses expire. Following Tendulkar’s request, the GOA government responded that they would be looking into the matter post-elections.

With all parties promising to ban offshore casinos, BJP’s call seems to be more of an electoral stunt than a political poll promise. Though the BJP came to power promising that it would be banning all the offshore casinos, the party has failed to deliver on its promises.

However, it is once again calling for a ban, but the opposition calls it a hoax.

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