Spain’s Acting Ombudsman Wants Gambling Adverts Banned

Spain’s Acting Ombudsman Wants Gambling Adverts Banned

Spain’s Acting Ombudsman, Francisco Fernández Marugán, is seeking to get gambling adverts banned in the country.

It comes at a time when all major European gambling regulators including UK gambling commission and also Swedish and Italian gambling regulators, are cracking down with stricter regulations on advertisements promoting gambling and casino products and services.

The Spanish online gambling market has been booming. The online gambling revenue for 2018 was up 26 percent to €699m ($786m). The acting ombudsman feels that it is growing indiscriminately, and therefore, it should be limited in order to control gambling addiction and other unethical practices that put customers at risk. He also opined that gambling is a matter of public health.

Explaining why he has called for a ban on gambling adverts Marugán said: “The phenomenon of spreading the game without control, and especially if the players are minors, has characteristics similar to those of tobacco or drug use.”

Gambling advertisements have been a subject of discussion in Spain. It is gaining grounds as European countries are bringing in new regulations and guidelines for gambling-related adverts to ensure higher standards of consumer protection.

Recently Italy has introduced a new code of conduct for gambling adverts. Also, UK Sweden, Germany, and Denmark have introduced new measures and have imposed reasonable restrictions on casino and gambling adverts.

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