Bet365 Plans To Move Operations In Gibraltar To Malta

Bet365 Plans To Move Operations In Gibraltar To Malta

One of the UK’s top online gambling operator, Bet365, have announced that they would be moving a fair bit of their operations in Gibraltar to Malta. The company says it is their strategy to tackle any negative impacts of Brexit.

The company is still in the process of consulting its staffs. Bet365 has online casino and gambling license in Malta which it got approved almost four years ago in 2015.

In a statement to the press the company said: “As part of our strategic and contingency plans to ensure EU market access and to maintain and enhance operational efficiencies, we have been building our presence in Malta and operating a dual regulatory and licensing strategy between Gibraltar and Malta for a number of years.

“However, from an operational and technical perspective and given our operating model, it has become increasingly challenging , and this has necessarily resulted in us conducting a review of our operations.

“We also continue to operate in a highly uncertain environment, driven primarily by the continuing Brexit landscape. Therefore, to assist with business planning and in order to maintain operational effectiveness, we intend to enhance our Maltese operational hub and relocate certain functionality there.”

Responding to the announcement by Bet365, the Gibraltar government representatives said that they have been working seamlessly with the company and also rubbished the talks about the company being at odds with the regulators.

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