Two Gamblers File Lawsuit Against SugarHouse Casino After Losing $250,000

Two Gamblers File Lawsuit Against SugarHouse Casino After Losing $250,000

Two players in Philadelphia have filed a lawsuit against SugarHouse casino after having lost $250,000 gambling at the venue. The gamblers have alleged that the card shuffling machines were faulty and have also questioned the legitimacy of the cards used.

The lawsuit has been filed in Philadelphia, and it seeks compensation and refund for the failure of the Sugarhouse casino to provide an honest gambling environment. The players have alleged that they lost because of the faulty shuffling machines and therefore it is only but fair for the casino to reimburse them of their losses.

This allegation is not new for the SugarHouse casino as in 2018; the Pennsylvania Gaming Board had fined them $100,000 for using decks with the wrong number of cards. The casino admitted to the faulty shuffling and had paid the fine without appeal.

Now two gamblers William Vespe, of Cherry Hill, New Jersey, and Anthony Mattia, of Philadelphia who had wagered during that period have claimed that they lost $104,000 and $147,000 respectively seeking compensation and return.

Earlier in December the SugarHouse casino became the first casino in Philadelphia to begin sports betting operations, after the US Supreme Court, legalized sports betting in the country.

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