Vietnam: Two Illegal Gambling Rings Busted

Vietnam: Two Illegal Gambling Rings Busted

The Vietnam police arrested over thirty suspects and busted two illegal gambling rings in a major crackdown on illegal gambling in the country on May 23.

Arrests were made in the northern province of Hung Yen where massive illegal gambling operation was taking place. Police arrested 19 suspects at this one venue. The illegal gambling ring busted in Hung Yen was reportedly having over 100 bookmakers and the transaction volume is roughly estimated at VND2 trillion ($86 million). Pham Cong Bang, 29 years old, allegedly the mastermind behind the operations was also arrested from a rented house in the Thai Binh province.

The modus operandi was non-conventional as they did not directly operate an illegal gambling website. However, they tied up with international sites and facilitated gambling on those sites for local clients. It made the job difficult for the authorities.

Another raid which was carried out the same day by the police in Hai Duong, 16 suspects were arrested for alleged involvement in illegal gambling activities. This group dealt with sophisticated technology and software to bet online with tokens, which could be letter exchanged for cash. The operation is estimated to be worth VND 1 trillion ($43 million).

Online gambling is illegal in Vietnam, though the country has legal land-based casinos and gambling venues. Illegal gambling is flourishing in Vietnam, and there have been a series of raids on illegal gambling rings.

Earlier in Aprill this year, Dang Anh Tuan, the chief inspector of the Vietnamese Information Ministry, had been arrested for alleged involvement in $420 million organized illegal online gambling operations. Dang had been assisting illegal gambling operators and had been shielding them by taking undue advantages of his position.

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