Finnish Police And Traficom To Work Together To Tackle Illegal Gambling Adverts

Finnish Police And Traficom To Work Together To Tackle Illegal Gambling Adverts

In a joint statement, the Finnish Police and Transport and Communications Agency Traficom have stated that they would be working together to curb illegal gambling adverts in the country. Following the agreement, the two would be working together with enhanced cooperation and would take joint initiatives to limit illegal gambling adverts.

Finland’s state-owned gambling monopoly Veikkaus has been facing tough competition from overseas gambling operators. It is also the company allowed to run gambling adverts. All other brands and operators are not permitted to run gambling ads across all mediums. However, other online gambling operators promoting their products and services related to digital and online gambling has made a significant cut into the company’s revenues.

As such, the challenge is to limit the gambling adverts of overseas and unauthorized operators that cater to players in Finland. The new partnership between the Finnish police and Traficom is being seen as a significant development which would make the crackdown on unauthorized gambling adverts more efficient.

Following the new partnership, Traficom will have authority to decide whether to cancel a company’s broadcast license if they are involved in repeated violations of the country’s advertisement regulations.

Earlier this year, Finland’s National Institute for Health and Welfare THLhad also raised concerns about gambling adverts and had urged the regulators to bring in stricter regulation for gambling advertisements.

The National Institute for Health and Welfare had alerted that gambling advertising in the country was not as per the guidelines and that it puts public health at risk. Health experts in Finland also said that the gambling monopoly Veikkaus should restrict and restructure its gambling advertising campaigns and policies.

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