Kindred Violating Gambling Laws In Lithuania, Gaming Authority Sends Court Orders

Kindred Violating Gambling Laws In Lithuania, Gaming Authority Sends Court Orders

Gaming and gambling software company Kindred Group has been accused of violating the gambling laws in Lithuania. The country’s Gaming Control Authority (GCA) has said that the operator is “openly and blatantly” disregarding the gambling laws.

The gambling regulator has already blocked the company’s Unibet and Trannel brands for offering gambling products and services to the locals without having necessary permissions. The Kindred Group was operating the two online casinos and gambling brand without a local license.

Lithuania has banned all overseas gambling operators from offering their products and services in the country. It was in 2016 when the Gaming Control Authority (GCA) along with the Vilnius Regional Administrative Court had voted in favor of banning the overseas operators in the country. Following the decision, all offshore operators were forbidden.

TOPsport, Olympic Casino Group Baltija, Tete-A-Tete Casino, Balticbet, Bese Casino, Unigames, and the Gambling Strategy Group are amongst the only seven licensed regulators allowed to operate in Lithuania.

Earlier this month, the Norwegian Gaming Authority, Lottstift, had ordered Trannel International, a Kindred Group subsidy operating in Norway, to warp up its business and shut down operations in the country.

In its statement to the press, the gambling regulator said: “The mentioned companies change internet domain name systematically and continue to offer their services to Lithuanian customers, openly and blatantly violating the law. Such behavior from one of the largest online gambling operators in Europe, intentionally infringing national law and offering illegal online gaming services, is treated as deliberate infringement of legal requirements and an absence of social responsibility. “

The gambling regulator also said that they have sent a total of 45 court orders and warned the operator as well as the players who are registered with overseas gambling operators operating in the country.

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