Louisiana House Committee Rejects The Bill Legalizing Sports Betting

Louisiana House Committee Rejects The Bill Legalizing Sports Betting

A sports betting legalization bill has been rejected by a Louisiana House Committee, though the bill underwent a significant amendments before being presented.

The bill drafted by Danny Martiny (R-Metairie) called for gambling expansion and legalizing sports betting in the state. Following the rejection, Senator Martiny said that he was not surprised but very disappointed.

β€œI’m just trying to allow our casinos to compete on an even playing field with Mississippi,” he asserted while talking to the members of the House Appropriations Committee Tuesday.

Earlier the Senate Bill 153, which called for legalizing sports betting in the state, was approved by the Senate in Louisiana. The Senate had voted 24-15 in favor of the bill. Before that, a Senate panel had passed the bill by a 3-1 vote.
Introducing the bill, Senator Martiny had said that the bill said that the neighboring states are already legalizing sports betting and Louisiana would be left behind if they don’t act fast. Mississippi had legalized sports betting following many other US states after the Supreme Court legalized sports betting last year.

Martiny also said that sports betting legalization would generate between $40 million to $60 million annually in tax revenues.

Despite the efforts and taking a significant leap, the sports betting bill now stands rejected. The fate of sports betting in Louisiana is now sealed, and it is not being regulated in the state at least for some time now.

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