Texas: Police Seize $250,000 In Cash And 40 Gaming Machines

Texas: Police Seize $250,000 In Cash And 40 Gaming Machines

Cracking down on illegal gambling in Henderson County, Texas, the police, in a major operation, have seized at least 40 gaming machines and $250,000 in cash.

The first raid took place at Cowboys at 1317 North Points Boulevard. The game room that was raided was being operated by one Shelia Nell Zbleski, as reported in the local media.

However, further information about the arrests and those involved with the illegal gambling business is yet to come. Police seized, 40 illegal gaming machines and equipment along with $3,900 in cash from the venue.

Zbleski has been booked and sent to Henderson County Jail.

In another raid that followed at a home in Welch Lane in Gun Barrel City, the Sheriff’s office seized several computers, laptops and electronic devices and equipment that was being used to facilitate gambling and betting along with paperwork which is reported to be associated with illegal gambling going on at the Cowboys game room. The police also seized $240,000.

The Henderson County Sheriff’s Office has indicated that there are more raids and arrests to follow.

Earlier in April, in a raid on a smokehouse, the police had arrested nine people on charges of illicit gambling activities in Fort Worth, Texas.

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