Armenia: New Regulations Under Consideration To Further Restrict Gambling

Armenia: New Regulations Under Consideration To Further Restrict Gambling

The government in Armenia is considering introducing a set of new regulations to restrict gambling activities in the eastern European country further.

In a recent development, the Armenian National Assembly has passed at first reading a bill which experts say is aimed at limiting the activity of the betting shops in the country.

The draft that has already been approved at the first reading calls for restricting bookmakers to only particular Armenian cities. It calls for allowing bookmakers to operate only in the towns of Tsakhadzor, Jermuk, Sevan, and Meghri.

Alen Simonyan, Sipan Pashinyan from the ruling party β€œMy Step” and Naira Zohrabyan from Prosperous Armenia have jointly authored the new bill.

Armenia is also one of the poorest countries in the region. In recent times, gambling addiction has been on the rise in the country. The new regulation is also aimed at limiting betting options and thus curbing gambling addiction.

While the bill is already in the parliament for consideration, once passed, the new regulations could come into effect by November 2020.

While the new rules will apply to brick and mortar gambling venues, the automated gaming devices at gas filling stations will be exempt – they do not come under the purview of the proposed legislation.

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