Competition For Osaka Casino License Gets Heated

Competition For Osaka Casino License Gets Heated

With all top global gambling operators fighting for an integrated casino resort license in Japan, every move from those competing is making headlines in the gambling industry.

While over a dozen companies are eyeing at the much coveted Japanese market, only three will succeed.

While Osaka has already soliciting applications from gambling operators for an integrated casino resort license which it is expecting to be ready by 2025 when Japan would be hosting the World Expo, MGM Resorts CEO, Jim Murren has said that the fellow competitor Vegas Sands has not been honest to Osaka.

In response to Las Vegas Sands President Robert Goldstein, in which he reiterated his commitment to developing a casino resort in Osaka, MGM CEO, Jim Murren said that the gambling operator has not been loyal to the city.

β€œI did see that Rob made that news. I’m going to welcome him to Osaka. He was not loyal to that city up until that point, so good to have him there,” he said.

MGM has partnered with Orix to develop a casino resort in Osaka. The company has also announced that they are ready to spend up to $9 billion.

Talking to Bernstein Murren said, β€œOnce the award is made at the Osaka level, whoever is fortunate enough to win – and it’s going to be incredibly competitive – and I would put Sands up against anyone as a worthy competitor. But whoever wins has their work cut out for them.”

While RFP process for other gambling licenses is yet to start, the Japanese government has also delayed in issuing its basic guidelines for the new IR licenses.

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