Dutch Online Gambling Markets Not To Be Launched Until 2021

Dutch Online Gambling Markets Not To Be Launched Until 2021

Online and remote gambling market in the Netherlands is yet to be regulated. René Jansen, chairman of the KSA, the Dutch gambling regulator, has said that it is their priority to prepare the regulatory framework for remote gambling in the country and also that they will be having it ready in the next two years.

The Dutch gambling authority, KSA, has said that they are planning to have the new remote gambling regulations come into effect from July 1, 2020. Following the new gambling regulations in place, the gambling regulator has also indicated that they would be seeking application from gambling operators for a countrywide license and then the online gambling market would be open by the start of the coming year.

Talking about the KSA’s commitment to bring in new gambling regulations in the given time frame, KSA chief, Rene Jansen said the “Such an operation requires a lot from an organization with the size of the KSA. But we do everything we can to get this done.”

He has also asked interested parties to visit the gambling regulator’s website and also indicate their interest for a gambling license.

“For the KSA, it is important to know how many license applications we can expect in the future,” said Jansen.

“This allows us to organize the organization well. We have an interest in this, but that also applies to the companies that request a license,” he added.

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