LOTTOLAND To Move To Court After ACMA Declares Its ‘Jackpot Betting’ Illegal

LOTTOLAND To Move To Court After ACMA Declares Its ‘Jackpot Betting’ Illegal

Gibraltar-based Lottoland is planning to take the matter to court and appeal against the Australian authority that has declared its latest product ‘jackpot betting’ illegal according to the revised gambling laws of the country.

Lottoland Australia had promised to comply with the ban that was imposed on private companies wagering on lottery results. It was in 2017; however, after that, Lottoland developed its own jackpot betting which was not based on lottery draws. The winning numbers were ascertained by pulling pseudo-random numbers from financial markets at their opening times, including the New York Stock Exchange.

However, cracking down on the company’s new jackpot mechanism, according to an ACMA official, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) investigation found that several Lottoland online jackpot betting services were games of chance which are prohibited.

These included the Mon and Wed Jackpot, Tue Jackpot, Thu Jackpot, US Millions, and US Power jackpot betting services.

Responding to the ban on Lottoland’s services, the company has said that they have already filed a lawsuit in New South Wales.

“We have decided to challenge ACMA in the Supreme Court because we believe their view on Jackpot Betting is wrong,” said Lottoland CEO Luke Brill.

“The relevant licensing authorities have approved Lottoland’s Jackpot Betting products, and we believe they are fully compliant with Australian law,” he added.

“We have worked hard to adapt to recent changes to the law, and we are committed to providing exciting new products that our customers love.

“By taking this stand against ACMA, we are fighting for the rights of hundreds of thousands of Australians who enjoy the occasional flutter. We are fighting for the freedom of choice.”

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