Six Percent Of Portugal’s Adult Population Is Into Active Gambling

Six Percent Of Portugal’s Adult Population Is Into Active Gambling

Gambling is legal in Portugal, and a recent study finds that there are around 400 to 600 thousand active individual bettors and gamblers in Portugal. The number of individual gamblers is estimated to represent at least 4.6 percent to 6.9 percent of the entire adult population of the country.

The study was conducted by The Portuguese Association of Gambling and Online Games (APAJO), and it goes by the name “Online Gambling in Portugal – The Best Bet for the National Regulatory System.”

It has been prepared by the Winning Scientific Management, in collaboration with APAJO. The study shows that the gambling markets in Portugal gave grown steadily and are in tune with the other European markets.

Talking about the unlicensed gaming in the country, Gabino Oliveira, president of APAJO, said that “about 80% of the transactions associated with online gambling are associated with payment systems such as Multibanco and MB Way, so the use of these means of payment to unlicensed operators should be target of greater restriction and blocking by the entities authorized to restrict this access.”

Earlier in April, the European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) had asked the Portuguese gambling regulators to restructure their gambling tax laws for online gambling and take adequate measures to improve the sorry state of the regulated online casino and gambling market in Portugal.

The EGBA took the step after Reports emerged that over 75 percent of Portuguese gamblers have an account with foreign online casino and gambling operators which meant that a majority of the Portuguese players wager in unregulated markets.

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