Casino Emergency Response Plans To Save Lives: Nevada Governor

Casino Emergency Response Plans To Save Lives: Nevada Governor

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak signed a new bill which calls for gambling venues to have a solid emergency plan to be presented annually. Gov. Sisolak says that with the new regulation, the casinos will have greater responsibility and will also save lives as it will ensure higher standards of security in case of an inadvertent disaster.

With the new legislation, casino and gambling establishments in the state are now required to present an emergency plan for scrutiny annually. The plan has to be submitted before Nov 1 every year.

The new legislation also makes it mandatory for gambling establishments to constitute a special task force which would have the responsibility of monitoring and supervising the emergency plan’s provisions.

The new regulation has been adopted in the backdrop of the horrific Mandalay Bay shooting which claimed 52 lives and left over 400 injured.

Earlier the gambling establishments were asked to submit their emergency security plans for review every five years.

The casinos will share a detailed report of their facility, including the floor plan and also the evacuation options in case of an emergency. They are also required to have designated and dedicated officials appointed solely for ensuring emergency security compliance.

Lawmakers from all sections have supported the new legislation.

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