Gambling Syndicates Now Moving Their Base To Rural Areas In Sabah Malaysia

Gambling Syndicates Now Moving Their Base To Rural Areas In Sabah Malaysia

In a recent statement, Sabah police has said that the gambling syndicates are now moving their bases in rural areas.

With the cops cracking down on illegal gambling activities in the region, the gambling syndicates are strategically shifting bases to evade the authorities.

Sabah police commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah said that these syndicates are moving to isolated areas which are remotely accessible and many only accessible by motorcycles, to outmaneuver the police.

“However, we will continue to act against these syndicates; we will not compromise with illegal gambling activities in Sabah,” he said.

“We must also conduct daily operations on illegal gambling at entertainment centers including cyber cafes,” Omar asserted.

Currently, there are 43 licensed gambling premises in the region. Omar also welcomed the decision of the local government to ban mini-casinos.

Earlier at Casino.Buzz we had reported that an interfaith coalition has called for a ban on slot machines and mini-casinos.

The interreligious coalition representing all religions including Buddhists, Christians, and Muslims had said that they want an end to gambling and casino in Sabah and that the government’s plan to limit gambling with a tax hike is a bluff.

In April this year, in a massive crackdown on illegal gambling in Malaysian capital city Kuala Lumpur, the police had arrested eight suspects.

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