Oregon Lottery Partners With SBTech To Kickstart Sports Gambling

Oregon Lottery Partners With SBTech To Kickstart Sports Gambling

Oregon could launch sports betting and gambling as early as September 2019. As such, the state lottery has partnered with SBTech to facilitate sports gambling – both mobile and retail – in the state.

The state also has plans in store for launching betting kiosks, and it is expected that they would begin operations early next year. However, to start sports betting by September, the state needs to make swift progress in terms of logistics and gambling infrastructure development.

Talking about the sports betting kiosks, an Oregon Lottery Spokesman said: β€œWe’re excited about sports betting in general because it allows us to generate additional revenue for state programs without asking players of our current games to play or wager more.”

While there were many other names on the table, Oregon Lottery partnered with SBTech after the company not only did fit in the requirements but also has been committed to delivering within the deadline as the state is looking to launch sports betting as early as September.

In a recent development that could lead to delays in the launch of sports betting in the state, Oregon Senator, Mark Hass, has introduced an amendment which calls for restricting sports gambling ticket sales.

A part of the amended text reads: β€œThe Oregon State Lottery Commission may not offer sports betting game unless tickets or shares for the game maybe [sic] purchased solely via equipment that is owned or leased by the Oregon State Lottery.”

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