US Commercial Casino Revenue At Record High: AGA

US Commercial Casino Revenue At Record High: AGA

The revenue from the commercial casino sector in the US has reached a record high as the industry grossed $41.7 billion in revenue for 2017. The posted figures were also 3.5 percent higher than what the sector made in the previous year.

On Tuesday, the American Gaming Association (AGA) released their State of the States report: The AGA Survey of the Commercial Casino Industry which compiled the revenue generated from 465 commercial casinos functional in the US.

The sector has been growing consecutively for four years, and its growth rate recorded for 2018 is also more than the national economic growth rate for the same period.

The commercial casino gaming sector also contributed $9.7 billion in taxes for state and local governments.

Bill Miller, president, and CEO of the American Gaming Association said: “Year after year, the commercial casino industry has reaffirmed its role as an economic powerhouse in the United States. More people than ever are experiencing the economic and social benefits of gaming in their communities, due in part to the expansion of legal sports betting across the country.”

The AGA also report also reveals that the legalization of Sports Betting, following an order from the US Supreme court which led to gambling expansion in several US states also contributed to the sector’s growth.

“Growth in the commercial gaming sector enables the industry to continue to reinvest in communities, enhance partnerships with small businesses and nonprofits and provide career opportunities for nearly two million American workers,” explained Miller.

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