NSW Kickstarts ‘Lived Experience Project’ To Promote Gambling Awareness

NSW Kickstarts ‘Lived Experience Project’ To Promote Gambling Awareness

The Gambling Impact Society (GIS) in New South Wales, Australia has launched a unique initiative – ‘lived experience project,’ to help support communities by providing responsible gambling initiatives to create awareness about gambling harms.

The project is funded by the New South Wales Office of Responsible Gambling. The idea to let individuals who have suffered due to gambling share their stories and create awareness about compulsive gambling.

They would also share their experience related to how they recovered and got over their gambling addiction and related issues.

Natalie Wright, director of the Office of Responsible Gambling, said: “We hope to build community awareness of the harm that can be experienced by some people from online gambling through this project, and encourage those struggling to seek help.”

The program intends to use real-life experiences to act “as a powerful tool in helping people understand the impact problem gambling can have.”

Individuals sharing experience would have a one-hour session with participants across the organization’s regional centers in the state.

The program focuses on promoting self-help and professional support to those affected.

Katie Roberts, executive officer of GIS, said: “It’s common for people at risk of gambling harm to relate easily to others who have experienced what they are going through and overcome their problem.

“Starting a conversation can help de-stigmatize the subject of problem gambling and encourage people who are suffering in silence to reach out for help.”

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