Over 160 Gambling And Casino Licenses Granted In Cambodia

Over 160 Gambling And Casino Licenses Granted In Cambodia

The Cambodian government has granted over 160 casino license to several gambling operators. This year alone, between January to April, Cambodia issued 13 casino licenses.

In its latest statement regarding casino licenses, the country’s Ministry of Finance has revealed that a total of 163 licenses have been granted in the country of which 91 of them are located only in one province of Preah Sihanouk.

Talking to Khmer Times, Ros Phearun, deputy director-general at the ministry’s financial industry department, said that the number of casino licenses issued by the government has risen to 163, adding that 91 of them are located in Preah Sihanouk province.

“We have granted a lot of licenses, but there are actually only 51 casinos in operation. The rest are now being built, while some have halted operations,” he said, and asserted that “the rise in the number of casinos reflects the increase in tourists, particularly Chinese.”

Phearun also said that the government earned $46 million in tax revenues from licensed gaming and gambling operators in 2018 and that their target for this year is to touch the $70 million mark.

“With this law, we hope that to attract more big casino investors and increase revenue from the industry. I think that, as a result of this law, revenue collected from the industry will double,” he concluded.

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