US Gambling: 9 Billion Placed In Bets On Sporting Events So Far

US Gambling: 9 Billion Placed In Bets On Sporting Events So Far

After the US Supreme Court legalized sports betting last year, it is estimated that over $9 billion has been wagered on sporting events in the US.

The figures revealed by state gambling regulators of Nevada, Delaware, Mississippi, West Virginia, Rhode Island, and Pennsylvania, the total wagers placed until April 2019 is around $8.9 billion.

As the figures from May is yet to be reported by many states, it is expected that the total wagers paced so far could go well beyond $10 billion mark.

New Jersey was the first to legalize sports betting and launched sports gambling in June last year. The casinos in New Jersey have taken $2.94 billion in bets so far.

“Overall the first year in New Jersey has been spectacular, but to be honest, I couldn’t give you enough positive adjectives to serve justice to the question,” said Johnny Avello, head of digital sportsbooks for DraftKings.

“The future is mind-blowing, and with eight states active and an additional seven authorized to offer sports wagering in 2019, DraftKings is positioned to capitalize on these and subsequent markets.”

“New Jersey has shown how sports betting can benefit the state by setting up a competitive marketplace with retail and online operators working , and other states should be taking their lead from New Jersey,” said Fanduel CEO Matt King.

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