Macau: Casino Labor Group Seeks A Summer Bonus For Employees

Macau: Casino Labor Group Seeks A Summer Bonus For Employees

New Macau Gaming Staff Rights Association (NMGSRA) has urged the local government in Macau to ask casinos to release a summer bonus for employees working in the sector.

The group claims that since 2014 all casino operators in Macau have been issuing an employee bonus; however, the same has not been announced by any gambling operator so far this year. Usually, gambling operators announce employee summer bonus in June.

While it is still unclear as to why gambling operators have not announced a bonus, experts and those familiar with the matter believe that the declining revenue in Macau’s gambling and gaming market could be the reason why the casinos might not have announced a bonus this year.

The casino labor group chief, Cloee Chao said: “, “According to what we saw in the past years, the casino operators usually announced in June their mid-year bonus payout to staff. But so far [this year], we didn’t hear anything of that” – reports Calvin Ayre.

Earlier in May, the figures released by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau revealed that the year-on-year gross gaming revenue for the month of April fell by 8.3 percent to 23.5bn patacas ($2.9bn). It was by far the most significant revenue drop since June 2016.

The decline in gambling revenue in Macau has been attributed to the slowdown in the Chinese economy and is expected to recover soon.

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