UK Labor Party Leader Calls For Establishing A Gambling Ombudsman

UK Labor Party Leader Calls For Establishing A Gambling Ombudsman

Tom Watson, Deputy Leader of the UK Labour party, has called for establishing a gambling ombudsman to protect UK customers.

He also reiterated his demand to revoke the license of all online casinos which secured their permits before 2014. Earlier in May seeking a review of the licenses of online casinos, Watson said that it would help in making operators more responsible and also would weed out operators that lack professional and social integrity.

Watson is yet to release the party’s plans to ‘overhaul UK betting regulations. UK’s Labour party has been in favor of creating a new Gambling Act.

The party has also been calling for introducing a mandatory casino and gambling levy of 1 percent on operators’ net gambling revenues to fund treatment of gambling addicts and to create awareness about gambling harms.

They have also called for banning all gambling activities on credit.

Deputy leader, Tom Watson, has said that the country needs a new gambling ombudsman who would work alongside UKGC and would help with research and treatment of problem gambling.

He has been saying that the current state of affairs related to gambling in the country has failed the consumers. He insisted on a series of reforms.

“I cannot think of a single other types of transactional arrangement for goods or financial services that would allow this type of situation: unclear terms and conditions, a lack of transparency, a lack of framework – and fuelled by predatory bonus offers,” said Watson.

Earlier, Watson had also said that problem gambling is an epidemic in disguise.

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