BJP Trying To Oust Congress State President: Goa Congress

BJP Trying To Oust Congress State President: Goa Congress

The Goa Congress has alleged that the BJP is trying to oust their state president as the Congress party has been vociferously opposing the offshore casinos in the state. The Congress party has said that the BJP is planning to destabilize the opposition in Goa.

“The casino lobby and the Bharatiya Janata Party collectively are trying to oust our state Congress president Girish Chodankar, because of his sustained campaign against the casino industry. But the party stands collectively behind Chodankar. The BJP has no right to decide who heads the Congress party,” Goa Congress spokesperson Amarnath Panjikar said.

Talking to the press in Panjim, the Congress spokesman also launched an attack on the BJP coalition and said that for them both the onshore and offshore casinos are like an “ATM card without a pin.”

“When our state president launched a campaign against offshore casinos, accusing them of polluting the Mandovi river, a BJP minister leaped to the defense of the casino industry. It is because the casino industry is like an ATM card without a pin in the hands of the BJP,” he said.

Earlier a Congress legislator had alleged that BJP is hand in glove with the casino operator and had also demanded an inquiry into an alleged multi-million dollars scam.

Both BJP and Congress promised to ban offshore casinos in the run-up to the Panjim by-elections.

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