Mobile Gambling Transactions Doubled In 2018: Report

Mobile Gambling Transactions Doubled In 2018: Report

Mobile gambling is becoming increasingly popular, and with innovative technologies reshaping the gambling landscape, the mobile gambling markets have also been expanding significantly.

As such, most online casinos or gambling operators have been reaching their target customer groups through mobile Apps, making it easy for customers to access their products.

Recent research aimed at studying mobile gambling shows that mobile gambling transactions nearly doubled as they grew by over 95 percent in 2018.

The recent 2019 iovation Gambling Industry Report confirms that mobile gambling transactions increased at an unprecedented rate in the past year. The study analyzed over 500 million transactions of more than one hundred gambling operators from across the globe.

Comparative year-on-year estimates of the number of mobile gambling transactions also show that it has been moving upward since 2012. While back in 2012, only 6 percent of gambling-related transactions took place on mobile devices, the figures were as high as 70 percent in 2018.

Also, according to the data published by the UK gambling commission, Mobile gaming accounts for about 50 percent of the gambling and online casino markets in the UK.

The 2018 iovation Gambling Industry Report also finds that the global gambling market is expanding and that mobile gaming technologies are facilitating the expansion. Countries like India and the US are opening up.

Earlier, the US Supreme Court legalized sports betting following which several US states have launched sports betting operations in the country.

The gambling operators are strategically eyeing at these new markets.

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