Manila: Cops Arrested For Gambling And Drinking Publicly

Manila: Cops Arrested For Gambling And Drinking Publicly

Four police officers have been arrested in capital Manila after they were found to be drinking and gambling in publicly.

The Philippine National Police, Integrity Monitoring, and Enforcement Group, caught the four cops on duty consuming alcohol and participating in gambling activities in public.

The city police have confirmed that Staff Sergeant Erwin Gobis, Senior Master Sergeant Demetrio Laroya and Corporal Ariel Pasion, and Staff Sergeant Gerry Ocampo have been arrested.

The raids were carried out on an eatery in Quezon city at around 10 pm on Wednesday. The policemen were found to be betting on an online cockfighting game.

The police also seized bet money, two television sets, a digital video recorder for a closed-circuit television camera, a roll of betting tickets, two digital boxes and 23 bottles of wine from the eatery.

The arrested officers will face charges for violation of the Presidential Decree No. 1602 that prescribes stiffer penalties on illegal gambling as amended concerning RA 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.

They would also be charged for violation of the RA 6713 Code of Conduct and Ethical Standard for Public Officials and Employees.

It is illegal for policemen on duty to indulge in any kind of gambling activity and also they are not allowed to consume liquor while on duty.

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