Over 90 Percent Of Spaniards Believe Gambling Is Socially Acceptable: Study

Over 90 Percent of Spaniards Believe Gambling Is Socially Acceptable: Study

A recent study finds that over 90 percent of Spanish people think that gambling is not a vice and that it is socially acceptable.

CEJUEGO, a Spanish trade group, conducted the study and found that nine out of ten people were okay with gambling.

The study also finds that over 29 million people between the age group 18-75 have participated in at least some kind of gambling activity in the past year.

The study involved questioning 500 people about gambling in Spain. Over 92 percent, said that gambling is a leisure activity to them.

The study also revealed that most of the Spaniards participated in lottery games. It also claims that around 19.4 percent of the Spanish population have visited a casino, bingo, or a betting shop in one year.

“Regarding the games managed by private operators, the analysis concludes that they attracted more restricted audiences of different generations, highlighting that their clients are divided into those who play out of curiosity and those who play as a hobby and because they offer them spaces to socialize with friends and acquaintances,” said a spokesperson for CEJUEGO.

“This group shows dispersed behavior patterns, from those who play stably to those who do it out of curiosity or who bet on an exciting game,” CEJUEGO said.

“The behavior of these users indicates that they have learned how to play online and rationalize their use – shorter sessions, moderate monthly spending, or decreases in the playing of some games.”

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