Swedish Gambling Regulator Slaps $74,000 Fine On Lottoland

Swedish Gambling Regulator Slaps $74,000 Fine On Lottoland

Sweden’s gambling regulator, Spelinspektionen, has slapped a SEK700,000 (US$74,000) on United Lottery Solutions Ltd, the company that owns and operates the Lottoland brand.

On Wednesday the gambling regulator announced the fine after it was found that the operator was offering gambling products which did not form a part of the license agreement. In other words, Lottoland was offering products for which it did not have the necessary permissions.

The company’s modus operandi is different from typical lottery; it does not organize lottery contests but allows players to wager on the outcome of other lotteries, which in most cases are state lotteries.

While lottoland is permitted to accept wagers on international lotteries, it is not allowed to accept bets on Eurojackpot lottery, which it was offering to Swedish players.

Also, the company has been offering online scratch cards which the gambling regulator said is a violation of the license agreement.

The gambling regulator also said that Lottoland was not very explicit and clear in explaining to its customers that they were not participating in a traditional lottery.

Earlier this week, the gambling regulator also revoked the license of Ninja Casino. However, Global Gaming, the company which owns and operates the Ninja casino through its subsidiary SafeEnt in Sweden las appealed against the decision.

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