Canadian Gaming Industry Employs 182,500 Workers: Report

Canadian Gaming Industry Employs 182,500 Workers: Report

A study published by the Canadian Gaming Association reveals that the Canadian gaming industry had employed 182,500 people in 2017. The average salary of employees in the Canadian gaming industry in 2017 was $65,000 annually.

The study published by the name of ‘National Economic Benefits of the Canadian Gaming Industry’ was aimed at examining the size, growth, and impact of the Canadian gaming industry.

The report also finds that the total gaming win in 2017 was $17.1 billion, and the revenue from non-gaming activities were $1 billion.

Paul Burns, president, and CEO of Canadian Gaming Association said: “Gaming in Canada continues to grow and is an important employer and provider of meaningful returns to the Canadian economy, balanced with socially responsible measures,”

“The size and scope of the industry have created a positive economic environment, where many of the goods and services needed to sustain operations are now produced and/or offered in Canada, and a number of Canadian companies are exporting gaming-related products and services internationally,” Burns added.

The country’s gaming association also recognized the contribution of the gaming sector to the overall economy and development.

“Gaming in Canada has been a success from economic development, revenue, and employment perspective,” said the association chief.

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